Job Development Services

The United States Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA), offers employment tools and resources to all individuals in any phase of their job and career development. Coupled with job development services available in your state, the ETA is a valuable resource for anyone who is unemployed or looking to advance in their job skills and career.

When you apply for unemployment insurance benefits, most states require that you also register with the job workforce development center in your local area (most registration can be done online). These job development services are structured to assist with resume building, training options, job searches, skills assessments, and more. Typically, there are no fees or charges associated with these state-sponsored programs. When you register, you will also have access to paid state and federal resources and programs.

Job growth and development is a key focus in many states. Job workforce development services and resources are available to all those who want to utilize them, regardless of employment status. Progressive state and federal services help unemployed individuals advance in their chosen career path.  Below is a list of some of the main programs offered under Job Workforce Development Services.

Job Workforce Development Services Programs

One-Stop Career Centers

The American Job Center, is available to all and can be accessed through your local One-Stop Career Centers. These One-Stop Career Centers are the central hub of the nation's workforce programs. They provide a wide range of reentry employment and training services for workers, which consists of training and networking referrals, counseling, job search tools, and more. The One-Step Career Centers also provide essential assistance to employers and businesses, including the compulsory Workforce Investment Act (WIA) state partners.

Adult Services

These services are offered through your local One-Stop Career Center. They are designed for adult job seekers and employers who are seeking employees. Adult Services include training and job-skills development, job placement, recruitment services to employers, special consideration for American veterans, and more. Job fair guidance is also provided to both workers and employers participating in the Adult Services job development program.

Those collecting unemployment benefits who are looking for employment can greatly benefit from these Adult Services. There is no cost for this program, however, additional paid training, educational opportunities, and resources are readily available.


The ApprenticeshipUSA program gives individuals the opportunity to learn new skills that are necessary to succeed in a career while at the same time allowing them to earn a salary. Participants can earn national industry certification, receive possible college credits toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, experience real-life work experience, and even build a lifetime career.

There is little to no cost for this program, however, career success and achievements are directly tied to the amount of effort put into the program. For more information and details about the ApprenticeshipUSA job development program, click here.

Note: Long-term employment is not guaranteed by utilizing any of the job workforce services mentioned above. As with all employment opportunities, the more effort you are able to put into your job search and gaining the necessary skills, the more success you will likely experience.