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Alaska Unemployment Insurance

Have you recently lost your job and wonder if you should file for unemployment in Alaska? Absolutely, because Alaska unemployment insurance offers people like you help during financially difficult times. Alaska's unemployment program is dedicated to helping workers in the great northern state receive unemployment benefits when they have lost a job through no fault of their own.

How are unemployment insurance benefits raised? Primarily through taxes levied on your employer and, partially, on you. Your employer pays a 1.00 to 5.40 percent tax on the first $39,700 wages that he pays to each employee.

Although not all states require employees to pay into their unemployment insurance, Alaska does. Thankfully, just a small percentage of your paycheck (0.50 percent) is taken out. The most you'll ever pay towards unemployment taxes in Alaska in 2016 in $198.50.

All unemployment benefit tax money is then placed into a fund which pays for unemployment compensation. This fund is set up specifically for unemployment and can never be drawn from for any other reason.

If you or your employer has paid into Alaska's unemployment insurance fund, you may be eligible for benefits. File for unemployment to know for sure. Unemployment insurance is a way to stay financially solvent as you look for suitable full-time work.


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