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Work Search Requirements

Georgia Work Registration Program

If you receive UI benefits of any type, you will have to make documented efforts to look for employment. You will only receive benefits for weeks in which you look for and document looking for work. You will be required to keep a detailed record of your work search activities and submit documents and other evidence of your search efforts, unless the GDOL exempts this requirement.

What You Need for Work Registration

Every week, you will have to make at least three new job contacts. Contacts can be made by telephone, online, in person, or by submitting your resume. You will have to keep a detailed written record of your work search activities and submit written documentation online or by fax of three verifiable contacts as a part of your weekly certification. This involves development of a realistic work search plan to achieve this objective.

A primary component of your re-employment plan will be to make as many employer contacts as it takes to get a job. You’ll need to keep good search records. The GDOL verifies search contacts. At any time, you could be selected for a search record audit or unemployment eligibility review. Work search record details depend on the type of work search activities. Your documentation of potential employment should include:

Unemployed? We want to help.

  • the date contact was made
  • the company name that was contacted
  • the name of the person you contacted
  • the company’s address, email, phone number, or web link
  • the position title you inquired about
  • how you made contact
  • the results of your contact

There is a Work Search Record form in the Claimant Handbook that should be utilized to document and verify your employment search and employer contacts. If you don’t provide at least three employment contacts weekly and accomplish all other eligibility requirements, it may result in delayed payments, your benefits being denied, and/or possibly overpayment, which could result in penalties.

You must submit your work search records weekly. The preferred and easiest method is to submit them online. Computers are available at your local GDOL Career Center. It is recommended that you submit your work search immediately upon completing your weekly certification by Internet or Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

If you don’t have internet access, your records can be faxed. In order to do this, you have to use the Weekly Work Search Record form (DOL 2798). You will then fax your weekly search report to (404) 525-3605, (404) 525-3606, or (877) 302-1573. You must include your name and Social Security Number on each form.

All information must be provided to meet all unemployment eligibility requirements. If you fail to submit records weekly of at least three work search contacts and meet any other requirements, it may result in a denial of your benefits, delayed payment, or a possible overpayment, which could result in penalties.