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Maine Unemployment Stats and News

Maine Unemployment Stats andCurrent and Historical Maine Stats Analysis

Maine's unemployment stats are fairly promising this year. After a record low of 3.4 percent in March, the unemployment rate has increased to about 4.1 percent in September. This increase matches the seasonal loss of work that hits Maine after summer, when the busy tourism trade dies down and college students go back to school.

The most recent peak of unemployment stats in Maine was 8.3 percent in May 2009. The unemployment rate of just about every state was high during that year, due to the 2008 economic recession. Maine employment stats, however, have steadily improved since then, including in the always important fishing industries.

Why Unemployment Stats Are Valuable andMaine Unemployment Stats Resources

Maine has a variety of unemployment stat resources which you can utilize. These includes sites that focus on employment stats affecting the various counties of the state, as well as the industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also has its own site for Maine, one that is a useful guide when selecting a new industry or career after losing a job.

Maine Unemployment News

Maine Unemployment in the News

Although Maine's low unemployment rate is a good thing, it doesn't quite tell the whole story. A recent report stated that a 4 percent drop in the labor force over the last two years is a major part of that decrease. In fact, it is estimated that Maine actually hasn't regained the jobs lost since the 2008-2010 economic recession. As a result, the low unemployment rate may reflect a job environment that is still struggling to catch up with the rest of the nation.

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That said, there is some positive Maine unemployment news. A recent grant of $9 million was put into place to help Maine students with disabilities attend college. This money is designed to help create a larger work base by integrating employees who may have been left out of the economy in the past or were limited to menial work.

So while there are some problems that still continue to affect the state, steps are being taken to help minimize their influence. Hopefully, more will be done in the near future to retain workers in the area.