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Unemployment Benefits Compensation

Missouri’s Division for Employment Security (DES) disburses unemployment compensation on a weekly basis to eligible claimants. Benefits will be paid by direct deposit or the Missouri Access MasterCard® debit card. In order to collect unemployment benefits, you must meet both work and wage eligibility criteria. The amount of wages you earned in your base period determine how much your unemployment benefit amount will be.

Max Weekly Benefit Amt.


Max Weeks of Benefits


Max Benefit Amount


You will be able to receive a percentage of your prior year’s wages in benefits, with the maximum benefit amount capped at $320 per week, or $6,400 over a maximum 20-week period per year. While you can estimate your unemployment benefit amount, the best way to find out how much you can actually receive is to file for unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Benefits Compensation

Calculating Missouri Unemployment Benefit Amounts

   Determine Your Weekly Benefit Amount

Use the handy calculator below to get your estimated Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA). Simply enter your total wages for each calendar quarter in your base period.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Unemployment Benefit Calculator

If you work part-time, you could still receive partial unemployment benefits. Use the Partial Benefit Calculator linked below to determine how much you can collect in unemployment benefits if you earn a small income during the week.

Partial Benefit Calculator

   Determine Your Maximum Benefit Amount

Your Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA) will usually be 20 times your weekly benefit amount. Your MBA may be less if you are delinquent on child support payments, in which case the Division of Child Support Enforcement can take up to 50 percent of your WBA.