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Work Search Requirements

Rhode Island Work Registration Program

To meet your work search requirements for unemployment, it is necessary to create an online profile and resume at Employ RI. You must also make at least three new work contacts per week and report them when filing your weekly claim.

Work registration at Employ RI allows you to expand your job search and perform a variety of other tasks, including:

  • Analyzing your personal work skills
  • Finding jobs that match those skills
  • Watching instructional videos
  • Checking wage rates on specific industries
  • Visiting netWORKri

Unemployed? We want to help.

netWORKri is a partner of the American Job Center Network and is a great resource to learn how to to avoid job scams, learn about employment events in your area, and educate yourself on the ins-and-outs of unemployment insurance in the state Rhode Island.

What You Need for Work Registration

Your Employ RI account is, in essence, an online resume. It allows you to reach out to potential employers and to give them the chance to reach out to you. As a result, you need the kind of information you would have on a resume, including:

  • Personal contact information
  • Education history
  • Work history
  • Personal and business references

Try to include as accurate of information as possible, including your start and end dates for each employer, why you were let go, the wages you earned, and anything else relevant. Now you can use your profile to search for work and meet your work registration and search requirements.