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Work Search Requirements

Utah Work Registration Program

You can easily complete your work registration in Utah on the Department Of Work Services website. To meet your work search requirements, you must create a resume on their site that includes personal information that will make it easier for you to get a job.

Using this profile also allows you to meet your unemployment work search requirements of making at least four new contacts for full-time work every week. This includes the non-payable waiting week, so don't make the mistake of not looking for job that week.

Each contact must be made with a potential employer who has not already been contacted. Examples of appropriate contacts include those made by phone, in person, online, or by resumes faxed or emailed to the potential employer.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Failure to meet these work search requirements will cause you to be denied benefits for that week. Repeated failure to seek work may result in a cancellation of benefits. Keep track of your job contacts using the weekly claim filing process mentioned above.

What You Need for Work Registration

Creating your online resume on the DWS site requires the following information:

  • Name, address, and all forms of personal contact
  • Personal work history, including all relevant employers
  • Education history (including the degree obtained at each school)
  • Training and licenses earned
  • Union membership information
  • Personal references contact information