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Work Search Requirements

Wisconsin Work Registration Program

To continue receiving your weekly benefits, you need to register for work with Wisconsin Job Service, an agency that will help you find appropriate work for your experience and skill set . This step is required to meet your unemployment work search requirements, unless you are receiving work training for a new position or have a definite return-to-work date within eight weeks of filing or reopening your claim.

To register, visit the Wisconsin Job Service website - https://jobcenterofwisconsin.com/ui - and follow these steps:

  • Create a personal login profile (this uses your employment insurance login information)
  • Register to receive updates and services from Wisconsin Job Search
  • Complete a resume (including personal contact information, work history, and educational information)
  • Submit your registration

Unemployed? We want to help.

Once registration is complete, you can use your profile to search for work in Wisconsin, including using services on the site to meet your weekly work search requirements. You must register within 14 days of your initial claim, or your unemployment insurance benefit payments will be withheld until you comply.

What You Need for Work Registration

Registering for work requires your personal information, your work history, and your educational history. You will also need regular internet access in order to use the service to report your job search success.

If you don't have access to the internet, you can go to a local unemployment office, where you can use one of their computers to fill out your work registration requirements.