California Unemployment

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Work Search Requirements

In order to maintain eligibility, you must be putting forth reasonable effort to search for gainful employment and you will receive individual instructions on what is required for you to maintain eligibility.

You will be asked to do one of the following work search requirements:

  • Look for full-time or part-time work weekly (depending on your employment status).
  • Register with your union and search for full or part-time employment. This requires you to complete the union’s requirements as well as continuing a job search.

Unemployed? We want to help.

When answering your work registration certification questions, there may be times that you are asked to provide your job contacts within the form. If this block is checked on the certification form and no contacts are provided, you will not be eligible to certify for benefits and payment will not be granted.

What You Need for Work Registration

California offers several options to assist with the job search including CaliJOBs, an

online database of job listings in your area when you enroll in the system. This portal also assists in creating a resume to be used in your employment seeking efforts. In addition, EDD Workforce Services provides information on additional programs and services available at no cost on their website at