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File for Unemployment Benefits

You can file a claim for Colorado unemployment insurance online or by phone. The online application is only available in English, and is accessible 24 hours a day. Non-English speakers who need a translator should apply by phone.

Unemployment Application and Initial Claim

File Your Unemployment Application and Initial Claim Process

File-a-Claim Hours: Monday and Tuesday, 1 pm to 4 pm; Wednesday and Thursday, 8 am to 12 pm; 1 pm to 4 pm. Not available on Fridays.          

Documents and Information Needed During Filing

When you file for unemployment, be sure to have the following documents and information ready:

  • Social Security Number
  • Legal name and any other name used in the past 18 months
  • Your residential and mailing address
  • Job information for the last 18 months (name, address, how much you were paid, reason for leaving)
  • Gross amount of any additional income and date received (vacation or severance pay)
  • If you work under a union - Union hiring hall information (name, address, local number)
  • If you were recently discharged from the military- copy of Form DD-214, Member 4
  • If you were a federal employee - copy of Form SF-8 or Form SF-50
  • Valid State Driver’s License or ID card or Alien permit number

Unemployed? We want to help.

Claim Weekly Benefits

In Colorado, it can take up to six weeks for your unemployment claim to be processed. You must claim benefits every two weeks during the process in order to maintain continued eligibility. Once your claim for unemployment insurance is approved, you must claim your unemployment insurance benefits every two weeks as usual, for every week you wish to collect benefits. You can make changes, as necessary, to your work or wage status when you file your biweekly claims online or by phone.   

How to Claim Weekly Benefits

When you filed for unemployment, you should have registered for an account on MyUI. If you have not done so, register now. Make your initial payment request by selecting “File Your Initial Claim” on MyUI. Activate your ReliaCard debit card or choose direct deposit. After your initial claim has been processed, you must Log In at MyUI every two weeks to file a claim and continue receiving benefits. You can also claim weekly benefits by phone at 303-813-2800 (Denver metro area) or 1-888-550-2800 (outside Denver metro area). You can make weekly claims online or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Claim Denials or Discrepancies

Your claim may be denied for many reasons, including not meeting work and/or wages eligibility requirements, giving inaccurate information, disputes with your former employer, reaching your benefit limit for the year and more. If your benefits are denied or you think you should receive higher benefit payments, you can appeal the Notice of Decision that denies your claim.

Appeals Process for Denied Claims

The Appeals Section must receive your request for an appeal hearing no later than 20 days after the mailing date on the Notice of Decision. Your initial appeal only needs to explain why you disagree with the decision. You can submit your appeal online on MyUI or you can mail or fax it to the Unemployment Appeals Section. You should continue to request benefit payments while your appeal is pending.

Once you file an appeal, you will be mailed a hearing packet containing information about the hearing and the documents you previously submitted. You can submit any additional evidence you wish to provide to everyone involved before the hearing date. You cannot submit any evidence on or after the hearing date.

You are not required to have representation, although you may choose to do so. You may also have witnesses testify on your behalf. You can request a subpoena for documents or  witnesses in writing. In the request, you must include detailed information about the contents of the documents and the full names and addresses of witnesses along with the reasons why each witness’ testimony is important.

You can choose to have your hearing held in person or over the phone. If you are attending your hearing in person, arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in. If you are attending your hearing over the phone, call at the time listed on the Notice of Hearing.

If you disagree with the Hearing Officer’s decision, you may make a second appeal to the Industrial Claim Appeals Panel. The Industrial Claim Appeals Panel is made up of five Administrative Law judges who consider appeals denied by the Hearing Officer. Appeals at this level are decided by at least two of the judges together. If you wish to appeal a Final Order you received from the Industrial Claim Appeals Panel, you must file an appeal with the Colorado Court of Appeals.

Office of Appeals Contact Information

Submit an initial appeal online:

Mail an initial appeal to:

Unemployment Appeals Section

PO BOX 8988

Denver, CO 80201-8988

Fax: 303-318-9247

(Include both the front and back of the decision)

Questions about an Appeal:

303-318-9299 (Denver-metro area)

1-800-405-2338 (outside Denver- metro area)

Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm

Industrial Claim Appeals Office:


Fax: 303-318-8139

Colorado Court of Appeals

2 East 14th Avenue

Denver, CO 80203


Fax: 720-625-5148