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Connecticut Unemployment Stats

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As of August 2106, Connecticut’s unemployment rate was 5.6 percent, dropping one-tenth of a percent from 5.7 percent in July. Though unemployment stats are showing slight improvements, the unemployment rate is still above last August’s 5.3 percent, and nearly a full point above the national average of 4.9 percent. The state government added 300 jobs in August, and 18,600 new jobs were added in all industries over the last year.

Connecticut employment stats still haven’t completely recovered from the 2008 recession, so far regaining  81.1 percent, or 96,000, of all the jobs lost. Currently, new jobs are being added mostly in Education and Health Services, Government, Leisure and Hospitality, and Information sectors. The biggest employment losses were felt by the Construction, and Mining and Logging industries, which were down 1,700 jobs.

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Connecticut’s minimum wage increased to $9.60 per hour in January 2016, currently one of the nation’s highest minimum wages, and it’s set to go up again to $10.10 in January 2017. Average earnings are $30.39 per hour, compared to the national average of $25.73 per hour.

Connecticut employers are expecting to hire at an “upbeat pace” in the last quarter of 2016, according to a Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, but the hiring rate is still expected to be lower than the same time last year.

Temporary holiday jobs may boost the unemployment rate some, but a longer-term solution is needed to up full-time, permanent employment in the state. If Connecticut could climb out of it’s jobs creation slump, a low unemployment rate combined with a high wage rate could really strengthen Connecticut’s economy.

In other unemployment news, American Job Centers across the state are holding a variety of free employment and training workshops for unemployed workers and those considering changing careers. Healthcare is one of the fastest growing fields in Connecticut and almost every other state, and one of the workshops is centered around this fast-growing industry. The Health Professions Opportunity Grant Orientation helps people interested in a career in healthcare learn more about healthcare occupations. The flyer says, “Eligible participants can receive training to assist them in securing a job, and advance along a career, in the healthcare field.”