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Work Search Requirements

Connecticut Work Registration Program

To collect unemployment benefits in Connecticut, you are required to register for employment services online at CT Hires or through any American Job Center. Anyone can register, regardless of employment status, and services are free. You can also get information and assistance with unemployment benefits. Maintaining eligibility for unemployment insurance requires that you actively search for work each week you file to collect benefits. You must keep track of your work search efforts in a detailed log, describing who, where, when, and what type of work for which you applied. You can apply for jobs online or in person. You can also interview for positions over the phone or online. 

If you are randomly selected to participate in the Unemployment Insurance Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (UI REA) program, your attendance is mandatory. You will receive a notice in the mail within five weeks of filing your initial claim that notifies you of your in-person meeting date, place, and time.

Unemployed? We want to help.

What You Need for Work Registration

You can register with the American Job Center network online or at an office location near you. To register online, go to CT Hires and create an account with your name, social security number, zip code, birthdate, and gender. If you register in person, a staff member will help you complete your work registration.