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Indiana Unemployment Insurance

Indiana unemployment insurance is offered to employees by their employer to ensure  they receive some form of compensation when they are laid off or fired for a reason beyond their control. Unemployment insurance benefits are designed to help you meet financial obligations until you can obtain suitable work.

Unemployed? We want to help.

The funds for Indiana unemployment are raised by taxes paid by the employer. This money is not paid out of the employee's paycheck, but is an extra cost incurred by the employer. In Indiana, new employers must pay 2.5 percent of their employee's wage as unemployment taxes. Penalty rates may also be applied in specific circumstances, which are an extra 2 percent.

Understanding unemployment benefits in Indiana, including whether or not you qualify, and how to file for unemployment are crucial to getting through the difficult period after you lose a job and need a little assistance before finding a new one. This information can also help make sure you not only qualify, but don't make a mistake when filing that disqualifies you for unemployment benefits.

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