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Work Search Requirements

Massachusetts Work Registration Program

In order to continue receiving benefit payments, Massachusetts General Law requires that you actively search for work while you are receiving benefits. You must prove that you are actively looking for work each week according to approved work search requirements. If you cannot prove you are meeting unemployment work search requirements, you could be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits and your account will be discontinued.

In compliance with federal law, the DUA will conduct weekly audits of randomly selected groups of claimants to make sure individuals are meeting Massachusetts work search requirements. If you are selected for review, you must submit a log of your work search activities. The DUA will attempt to verify that you have completed at least one work search activity listed on your log, and may request additional evidence to prove your activity.

Unemployed? We want to help.

What You Need for Work Registration

To meet Massachusetts work search requirements you must:

  • Make at least three work searches every week. Searches must be conducted on different days.
  • Keep a written log of your activities. Make sure your log is as detailed as possible. Bring printed copies of all your work search logs to your career center appointments.
  • Provide work search information to the DUA upon request.

Activities that meet work search requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Registering at a One-Stop Career Center
  • Submitting job applications in person or online with employers who may reasonably have job openings
  • Mailing a job application or resume in response to instructions for a posted job
  • Interviewing with prospective employers in person or by telephone
  • Registering with employment agencies or placement services
  • Using the job services provided at One-Stop Career Centers
  • Using online job-matching systems
  • Reporting to the Union Hall, if you belong to a union
  • Networking in your career field
  • Browsing job classifieds online, in newspapers, job boards, and other resources

Keep copies of all your job-related correspondence as evidence of your activities. If you have questions about the EUC random Work Search Audit, contact:

Department of Unemployment Assistance

UI Program Integrity Department

Charles F Hurley Building

19 Staniford Street-2nd Floor

Boston, MA 02114