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New Mexico Unemployment Office

The New Mexico Unemployment Office is part of a larger organization under the Department of Labor and Human Services. The larger group has several divisions under it that help manage relationships between employers and the community, which can often impact the unemployed population.

The first division is the Administrative Services Division, which leads and provides administrative support to the entire agency including developing and enforcing the budget that the organization abides by for special projects or grants given to Workforce Solutions.

The second group, Business Services Division, builds relationships between local businesses and the workforce. Under this division includes the Economic Research and Analysis Bureau who gathers data on unemployment, wages, and general labor market statistics. Business Development and Outreach is under the Business Services Division, and they enforce and deliver public policy as well as educate best practices for labor relations. Included here is providing the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to employers that hire from demographic groups that may be disadvantaged at retaining employment. Also, the Business Development team will act as a resource for both employers and employees if there was ever a company that needed to perform a reduction in workforce in their organization.

Labor Relations Division is also a part of the Department of Labor and Human Services. The goal of the division is to ensure employers are following all local and federal labor laws. For example, the Labor & Industrial Bureau is responsible for educating employers on laws surrounding overtime or minimum wage and ensuring they are appropriately followed. The Human Right Bureau is another arm of this division and becomes involved in any claims of discrimination in the workforce as well as providing education and training.

Finally, the Workforce Transition Services Division is directly responsible for collecting unemployment taxes from employers to support the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and for distributing benefits to those that qualify. Also, the Workforce Services Bureau delivers funded multiple programs for various demographics to ensure they are properly equipped with the valuable skill sets for the workforce.

New Mexico Unemployment Office Contact Information

Unemployed? We want to help.

There are a few ways to contact the New Mexico Unemployment Office. If you are looking to file a claim or complete a weekly certification, the following points of contact are available:

If you are an employer that has questions about New Mexico Unemployment Tax, the following points of contact are available:

In addition, the following methods can also be utilized to contact the unemployment office:

  • Physical Address:

401 Broadway NE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

  • Mailing Address:

PO Box 1928

Albuquerque, NM 87103

  • Department of Workforce Solutions Phone Line for the Deaf: 505-841-8617
  • Unemployment Services: 505-841-8437
  • Unemployment Appeals Phone: 505-383-2700
  • Unemployment Appeals Fax: 505-841-8636
  • Unemployment Fraud Investigations: 505-243-7283