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New York Unemployment Insurance Program

New York’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) system has been in effect since 1938. This program is designed to help individuals find employment, while providing temporary financial support for those who are unemployed. Unemployment Insurance (UI) is temporary financial assistance for workers who, through no fault of their own, have lost their jobs.

Unemployed? We want to help.

New York’s Unemployment Insurance plan is a state and federal program combined to create financial assistance to unemployed individuals. Every state oversees their own program, but complies with federal guidelines. Unemployment Insurance benefits are monetary compensations that are deducted from your wages while you are gainfully employed. These funds go into a trust that you can receive if you become unemployed. Once you file a claim, you could be eligible for benefits. In addition, your employer is required to pay an Unemployment Insurance Tax for all employees.

Currently, the Office of Unemployment Insurance (OUI) oversees and gives assistance to work regulated programs with the state by helping to implement and administer unemployment insurance programs. In addition, the OUI will assist with worker compensation disputes as well as other job loss issues.

In order to collect any unemployment benefits, workers must be actively looking for employment each week that they collect any benefits. In other words, they must be willing, able, and ready to work every week. The New York Department of Labor determines eligibility for individuals who wish to claim unemployment benefits. Primary contact with this program is made either by phone, online, email or direct mail.

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