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South Dakota Unemployment Insurance Program

Unemployment Insurance Benefits programs are joint federal-state program that provides benefits to eligible displaced workers. Each state separately administers their own program, but federal law establishes some guidelines that all states must follow. Unemployment insurance payments or benefits are intended to provide short-term, temporary financial relief and assistance to unemployed workers who are out of work through no fault of their own. Additional requirements for eligibility, benefit amounts, and length of time benefits can be paid are set by individual states.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Generally, benefits are based on a percentage of your earnings over a certain period of time. Each state also sets their own maximum benefit. Benefits are subject to income tax at the federal level and most states collect income taxes on benefits as well. You can have the tax withheld from your benefit payment if you so choose.

South Dakota Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI Benefits) provides temporary, short-term financial assistance and aid for residents that have lost employment, not by their own fault, until another job is obtained. South Dakota's program is paid for by payroll taxes paid by employers. In South Dakota the UI Benefits section accepts unemployment claim applications, Weekly certifications, and claim  appeals.

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