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South Dakota Unemployment Statistics and News

South Dakota Unemployment Stats

Current and Historical South Dakota Stats Analysis

In July of 2016 the statewide unemployment rate for South Dakota was 2.8 percent. This was the lowest state unemployment rate in the country for July 2016. Sioux Falls reported a very low 2.2 percent unemployment rate.

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South Dakota Unemployment Stats Resources

You can access localized information on the Labor and Regulation’s Labor Force  page for more statistics on employment, wages and, industries throughout the state. Labor Force is a new virtual labor market data system for retrieving data. You can get current employment statistics.

South Dakota Unemployment News

South Dakota Unemployment in the News

Sioux Falls has the lowest unemployment rate of any city in the nation at 1.9%. In comparison, 4.8% is the national unemployment rate. This may surprise you, but Sioux Falls is hub for some big Wall Street banks like Wells fargo (WFC) and Citibank (C).

A 5% unemployment rate s considered by economists to be the definition of “full employment.” The unemployment rate in South Dakota, the lowest in the country,  was 2.7% in June. The nation unemployment rate in June was 4.9%.

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