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Virginia Unemployment Stats and News

Virginia Unemployment Stats

Current and Historical Virginia Stats Analysis

Virginia's unemployment rate was 3.9 percent in August and about 4.1 percent in early September. This is a full percentage point below the national average (4.9 percent). There are currently about 157,000 people unemployed in the state.

This is an unfortunate increase of 2,520 people from the previous month. However, nearly 25,000 people in the state have exited unemployment in the last year, illustrating a recovering economy that still has a little bit of room to grow.

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Virginia Unemployment Stats Resources

To access more Virginia unemployment resources, you can visit Virginia's Labor Market Index website. This site helps track the various employment stats in the state, including which industries are succeeding and those that are struggling.

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Virginia Unemployment News

Virginia Unemployment in the News

The most recent unemployment news out of Virginia has been promising as Gov. Terry McAuliffe, recently announced a new initiative to help job seekers find career opportunities.

This new resource is known as Open Jobs, and will serve as a database of information for employers and potential employees. It will also help entrepreneurs understand the workforce data in the state and to create apps and programs that help job seekers find better careers.

This program will run alongside all other Virginia unemployment benefit sites and is a great new resource for those who are trying to find employment or looking to change careers.