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Work Search Requirements

Washington Work Registration

It is mandatory that you register with WorkSource online. It is a valuable tool to help you fulfill your weekly job search requirements. Each week that you receive Unemployment Insurance benefits from ESD, you must make three employer contacts or participate in three in-person job search activities at a local WorkSource center. You can find your nearest WorkSource center by going to go2worksource.com.

Unemployed? We want to help.

When you visit WorkSource, you will have to create a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account. Your SAW account is also used on the ESD site to access your unemployment account details.

Washington’s Work Registration Program

The ESD job program is required in order to collect weekly benefits for unemployment. Beyond registration with WorkSource, you must keep a work search log of connections you make with potential employers. You must keep it handy because the ESD could request a review of your log at any time. If you are scheduled for a review, you must appear in person to present it as scheduled.

What You Need for Work Registration

When you visit WorkSource, you will need to create an account. You need an email address and your Social Security Number. Once registered, you can upload or create a resume, search for jobs, access job skills, and much more.

WorkSource centers are located throughout Washington, and have computers you can use to search for jobs that count toward your job search requirements. When you visit a WorkSource center, you can learn about skills and training programs, and even get referrals to food banks, housing shelters, and other forms of assistance.