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Unemployment Benefits Compensation

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West Virginia unemployment benefits compensation is calculated based on actual wages earned. When determining the dollar amount that you will receive weekly, the amount used in the base year calculation for eligibility will again be used as a reference point. While more details are provided below, the best way to determine how much you will receive is to submit your application.

Calculating West Virginia Unemployment Benefit Amounts

Determine Your Weekly Benefit Amount

If it has been determined that you are eligible for unemployment benefits by reviewing income earned during your base year and all other qualifications, a Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) will be assigned to you. The dollar amount will be given will be based on a full week benefit and on a tiered scale per your historical income.

Determine Your Maximum Benefit Amount

Unemployed? We want to help.

Depending on the percentage of time you are employed during your base year, you may be eligible to receive your WBA for up to 26 weeks. The Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA) is the maximum amount that you will be able to receive for the full 26 weeks of your unemployment period. To determine your MBA, multiply your WBA by 26. For example, if your WBA is $300, your MBA will be $7,800.