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Work Search Requirements

Wyoming Work Registration Program

To receive your benefits, you need to meet a variety of unemployment work search requirements. The most basic of these is making and reporting two new work contacts every week. This includes picking up job applications, turning them in, and having an interview.

However, you must also meet your work registration requirements by signing up for work at the Employment & Training Division. This group helps people in Wyoming not only meet their work search requirements but find work that suits their abilities.

They also offer you access to a variety of training sites and videos. You can access their help online or at one of the 23 Workforce Centers scattered throughout the state. There are many of these centers available, usually located in larger towns. Call (877) WORK-WYO to learn more.

Unemployed? We want to help.

What You Need for Work Registration

  • Profile at the Employment & Training Division site
  • Personal contact information
  • Work history information
  • Educational information (including degrees earned, if any)
  • Special training received (such as specialized industrial training)
  • Licenses earned (such as chauffeur licenses or first aid)