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Work Search Requirements

Arizona Work Registration

When you file for UI Benefits online using the AZUI system, there is no further action required. You are automatically registered with the Arizona Employment Service, AZ Job Connection.

If, for some reason, registration is not possible, you will be contacted by mail notifying you of the next steps to take to complete the Arizona Job Service requirements.  

Unemployed? We want to help.

Arizona Work Registration Program

Beyond fulfilling the DES eligibility requirement to collect unemployment benefits, the AZ Job Connection is an all-inclusive hub to assist you on your journey back into the workforce. Through the site, you can maintain all of your job seeking efforts: analyze your career, find career education, training, and apprenticeship programs, vocational rehabilitation assistance, and much more.

What You Need for Work Registration

The information from your initial claim application that you submit through the AZUI system is used to automatically register you with Arizona Job Service. You will use the same credentials that you created for accessing the AZUI system on the AZ Job Connection website. However, when you access the AZ Job Connection website for the first time, you may be asked to supply your Social Security Number.

Creating a new username and password is not usually necessary. If you encounter complications, contact the Help Desk on the AZ Job Connection website.