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Unemployment Compensation

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Unemployment Benefits Compensation

Unemployment compensation provides temporary, partial wage replacement if you become unemployed through no fault of your own. Your benefit amount is calculated using the amount of wages you earned during your qualifying base period. If you don’t have enough wages in the regular base period to meet eligibility criteria, you can use the alternative base period. The alternative base period is the four most recent quarters before you file your claim. Contact your local unemployment  office if you have questions about using the alternative base period.

You can estimate how much your unemployment benefit amount might be, but the best way to find out how much unemployment compensation you could collect is to file an unemployment claim.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Calculating Delaware Unemployment Benefit Amounts

Determine Your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA)

To calculate how much your weekly benefit amount could be, first determine when your base period is. Add up your total wages from the two quarters in which you earned the most income, then divide that sum by 46 to get your approximate weekly benefit amount.

Determine Your Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA)

Your maximum benefit amount will be the lesser of two options:

  • 50 percent of your total base period wages


  • 26 times your weekly benefit amount