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Unemployment Eligibility and Qualifications

General Benefits Eligibility Criteria

You must meet all eligibility requirements for both work and wage-related requirements in order to collect unemployment benefits. If you don't meet all criteria, your benefits will not be approved.

Work Eligibility Criteria

To meet work eligibility criteria you must:

  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Be able and available to work
  • Be actively seeking work

Wages Eligibility Criteria

You must have earned enough wages in your base period to qualify for unemployment benefits. To meet wages eligibility criteria, you must:

  • Have earned at least 36 times your weekly benefit amount
  • Earn 50 percent or less of your weekly benefit amount while receiving unemployment benefits
  • Have earned at least $965.99 during your two highest quarters

Unemployed? We want to help.

Unemployment Availability Limits

You could be denied benefits if you fail to meet all eligibility requirements at any time during your benefit period. Some reasons your benefits could be denied or reduced include:

  • If you are unable to work or are unavailable for work;
  • If you have failed to actively seek work;
  • If you begin working
  • If you refuse to accept a reasonable job offer
  • If you put restrictions on the type of work, the number of hours or amount of pay that you will accept
  • If you don't register with employment services
  • If you don't respond to an inquiry from any unemployment insurance division office
  • If you don't report to your local office when required
  • If you don't file for your weekly unemployment benefit payment

Unemployment Extensions

There are currently no benefit extensions available in Delaware. If unemployment reaches a very high level, federal extended benefits programs may become available.