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Idaho’s Unemployment Office

The Idaho Unemployment Office is operated by the Idaho Department of Labor (DOL). Distributing unemployment benefits is only one of many responsibilities that the DOL has under its umbrella. A few examples of other services provided, include: 

  • Assistance with recruitment efforts for businesses and host networking events
  • Provide temporary work certificates for immigrant agricultural workers
  • Complete research and gather data on Idaho economy
  • Provide skill training and resources to Idaho residents
  • Maintain and enforce Idaho Labor Laws and the Human Rights Commission
  • Assist employers and employees to prepare for potential layoff activities

To help guide workforce activities, the Idaho Workforce Development Council was created in 2015. Members of the council include local business owners, various organizations within the community, different branches of government, and representatives from education boards. Together, recommendations are created for the governor to ensure that appropriate investments are made in activities that will help the workforce.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Idaho Unemployment Office Contact Information

You may contact the Idaho Unemployment Office in several different ways.

  • Main Office Physical Address:

    317 W. Main Street

    Boise, Idaho 83735

  • Main Office Phone Number: 208-332-3570
  • Main Office Fax: 208-334-6300
  • Email:
  • Local Office Contact Information
  • Claimant Unemployment Insurance Phone Number: 208-332-8942
  • Business Unemployment Insurance Phone Number: 208-947-1055