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Work Search Requirements

Idaho Work Registration Program

Idaho residents receiving unemployment benefits are required to register for work at The Idaho Department of Labor may also require that you meet with a workforce consultant that will help with creating a resume and finding creative ways to find employment. If you fail to participate, benefits can be stopped. 

In addition to registering with IdahoWorks, you will need to report your work search activities every week when you file for your weekly certification. You will be asked to provide your work search contacts, how you applied for each position, and for the contact information for each employer you applied to or had contact with. This policy has been recently updated and is now required to be provided every week.

For a contact to be counting as a solid work-search contact, it has to be full-time work and cannot be a form of independent contract work. Also, the same employer cannot be used for multiple weeks in a row. The contact can be made in person, by email or online, as long as an online application has been completed or your resume has been submitted. 

Unemployed? We want to help.

What You Need for Work Registration

To set up your work registration account on IdahoWorks, you will need your social security number. Your SSN is used to see if an existing account has been created. It will also be reported back to Idaho’s Unemployment Division to ensure that you maintain eligibility. In addition, you will need your work history, education history, and any certifications or licenses earned. This information can be used to create a resume from within the portal or an existing resume can be uploaded for job searches.