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Unemployment Benefits Compensation

Unemployment Benefits Compensation

Unemployment benefits compensation will be distributed as long as you meet the requirements necessary to be eligible. Employers pay into the unemployment insurance tax trust, which you are able to collect against should you become separated from employment through no fault of your own. Requirements include being available and able to work and filing a weekly claim verifying that your employment status has not changed since first filing for benefits. Once the verification is completed, payment will be provided through a state-issued debit card.

While details around how the benefit amount is determined can be found below, the best way to determine how much you will actually receive is to apply for benefits. You may also use the online benefits calculator from the Kansas Department of Labor as a means of estimating benefits, but this does not guarantee your eligibility.

Max Weekly Benefit Amt.


Max Weeks of Benefits


Max Benefit Amount


Calculating Kansas Unemployment Benefit Amounts

Determine Your Weekly Benefit Amount

To determine your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA), you will refer to the calculations completed to determine if you met the wages eligibility criteria. Review the earnings from your base period and identify the quarter with the highest earned wages. From there, you will multiply the amount of 4.25 percent. This amount will be the amount you receive weekly.

Kansas does have minimum and maximum thresholds that everyone receiving benefits will fall. If you fall below the minimum WBA or above it after the calculation is completed, your benefit will be adjusted accordingly.

Example: From April - June 2015, you earned $5,000 and that in all other quarters of your base period you earned $4,000. Multiply $5,000 by .0425 and round off the cents to get your WBA of $212.

Determine Your Maximum Benefit Amount

There are two calculations used to determine the Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA). The first is only taking the WBA and multiplying it by 16 (the maximum number of weeks that benefits are allowed). The second calculation will take the wages reported in the base period and divide that amount by 3. Whichever amount is less in the two calculations will be the MBAt that can be received within a 12-month period.

Your total base period wages were $6,000.

  • High Quarter X 4.25 percent = WBA
  • $3,000 X (.0425) = $127 (rounded down)
  • $127 X 30 = $3,810

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Since you earned wages in at least two quarters and your total base period wages are more than 30 times the WBA, your claim is monetarily entitled.

There are minimum and maximum limits on a WBA.

The maximum WBA is calculated each year based upon requirements set in Kansas law.

As of July 1, 2015, the maximum is $474. The minimum is always 25 percent of the maximum.