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Kansas Unemployment Office

The Kansas Department of Labor assists in the prevention of economic insecurity through unemployment insurance and workers compensation, by providing a fair and efficient venue to exercise employer and employee rights, and by helping employers promote a safe work environment for their employees. This facilitates compliance with labor laws while enabling advancement of the economic well-being of the citizens of Kansas.

The Division of Employment Security, under the Kansas Department of Labor, is responsible for verifying eligibility for unemployment benefits, distributing benefits to those that qualify, and collecting taxes from employers that fund the program. This is accomplished through two separate units: Benefits and Tax.

The best way to access the Kansas Unemployment Office is by calling the Contact Center or utilizing the office’s website. This site will provide answers to frequently asked questions, offer access to additional assistance programs, and will allow you to file for unemployment.

Kansas Unemployment Office Contact Information

Unemployed? We want to help.

You may contact the Kansas Unemployment Office by utilizing the Unemployment Insurance Contact Center.

  • Address:

Unemployment Insurance Contact Center

PO Box 3539

Topeka, KS 66601-3539

  • Phone:

Topeka Area: 785-575-1460

Kansas City Area: 913-596-3500

Wichita Area: 316-383-9947

Toll Free: 800-292-6333