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Kentucky Unemployment Insurance

If you become separated from employment or have a reduction in working hours, it is important that you file for unemployment insurance benefits through the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training as soon as possible in order to secure eligibility. Understanding where the unemployment insurance benefits funds come from can help you know exactly what to expect when it is time to submit your initial application.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Funds for unemployment insurance benefits in Kentucky are raised by taxes levied on employers that pay at least one employee $10,200 annually. Any wages above this amount will not be taxed. The current surcharge rate is 0.21 percent, which is applied to a tax rate that is designated to each employer throughout the state.

So, what is unemployment insurance and how does it help you? Basically, unemployment insurance provides a safety net for when you are terminated from a job. Unemployment insurance benefits will help you stay financially stable while you search for suitable work. Filing an initial claim for unemployment insurance benefits is the best way to gauge your eligibility status, and determine if you qualify to receive continued benefits.

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