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Unemployment Benefits Compensation

If your weekly claim is approved, you will receive unemployment compensation for the week. This is the amount of unemployment benefits you receive during a week, and it is typically set when you first file for unemployment.

Your unemployment benefit amount will vary, but you can calculate it using a simple formula. Don't use information from another state to calculate your unemployment, as each state has different methods, and this is the way it is calculated in Mississippi.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Calculating Mississippi Unemployment Benefit Amounts

Determine Your Weekly Benefit Amount

Your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) is determined by dividing your highest quarter earnings by 26 and rounding down to the nearest whole dollar. The minimum and maximum WBA in Mississippi are $30 and $235, respectively.

EXAMPLE: If you earned $8,000 in your highest quarter, you would divide 8,000 by 26 to get $307. However, this number is higher than $235, so you would receive that amount instead. Anyone who makes over $6,110 in their highest quarter will receive a $235 WBA.

Determine Your Maximum Benefit Amount

Multiply your WBA by 26 (the maximum numbers of weeks you can claim unemployment in Mississippi) to calculate your Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA).

EXAMPLE: The MBA is $6,110, which is $235 multiplied by 26. However, if your WBA was $200, your MBA would be $5,200. Mississippi currently has one of the lowest WBA and MBA amounts in the country.