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Work Search Requirements

Nebraska Work Registration Program

Like all states in the country, Nebraska requires those who are unemployed and wish to apply for unemployment benefits to register for work online. This process involves creating an online profile, resume, and using it to search for work. It helps give you access to a wider range of potential work, making it easier for to find an appropriate job.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Nebraska Work Registration Process

Searching for work weekly is necessary to receive Nebraska unemployment benefits. This requires logging into your NeWorks account and going to the “Work Search Log.” Here, you can add information about job contacts you have made, including the name, address, and contact info of each potential employer. Make sure to properly date this information in case it is checked by an audit later.

There may be additional questions to answer when you log on here, including the progress you are making in each potential position. For example, you need to indicate when you turn in an application, if you received an interview, if a second interview was necessary, and whether or not you the job was offered to you. If you refuse the job, you must give a good reason for refusal, such as health concerns, low wages, or other appropriate considerations.

It is necessary to make at least one contact per week using NeWorks. After adding your new contact, you need to certify that you not only looked for work, but were eligible to work. This requires answering a few simple questions before submitting your form. For example, you will be asked if there was any medical reason you couldn't look for work, if you didn't.

NOTE: You may require doctor's information or a note if you are claiming you couldn't look for work. Only claim this if it is true or you may suffer a penalty.

What You Need For Work Registration

Your NeWorks job search account requires a variety of information when creating your resume. This information includes:

  • Contact information
  • Social security number
  • Email address (one must be created if you don't have one)
  • Past employment
  • Education history
  • Training, certifications, and licenses
  • Creation of an online resume

All of the information and documents listed above can be submitted via the NeWorks website. Once you are finished with this account, click on “Find A Job” on the NeWorks home site to look for available jobs in Nebraska. You can fine-tune the job search and match it with your resume in order to find work that is appropriate for your skills. This helps make the process quicker and easier to manage.