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Unemployment insurance is a state and federal program that provides unemployment benefits and compensation to qualifying claimants who are either unemployed or underemployed. Unemployment benefits are given to qualifying New Hampshire claimants once a week for up to 26 weeks in one program year. The benefits are dispersed by the The Unemployment Compensation Bureau (UCB), which is a part of New Hampshire Employment Security.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Benefits vary from case to case. To determine individual benefits, it’s best to file a claim with the New Hampshire Unemployment Compensation (NHES). Unemployment benefits are determined based on the following employment information from the base period: most recent employer, last employing unit, base period employer, and chargeable employer.

Your most recent employer is the last employer you worked for before seeking unemployment compensation. Your last employing unit is a person or company who has employed one or more people to work in state of New Hampshire.

The best way to determine your eligibility and compensation amounts is to file an accurate initial claim.

  • Maximum Time to Claim Benefits: 26 weeks
  • Maximum Weekly Benefit Amount: $427
  • Yearly Maximum Benefit Amount: $11,102

Calculating New Hampshire Unemployment Benefit Amounts

Determine Your Weekly Benefit Amount

Your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) is the maximum monetary benefit you will receive each week you make a claim. The amount of money you receive is determined by looking at the wages you earned in the first four of the last five quarters you worked. These earnings must have come from covered employment.

If you earned $10,000 during your base period (the 12 months prior to applying for unemployment benefits) your maximum WBA would be $110. This would amount to $2,860, if you draw benefits for the full 26 allowable weeks.

Your eligibility may be different if you work or did work for an employer who takes part in a WorkShare plan. WorkShare is a program designed to help you retain your job, even if your employer must reduce your hours for a short period of time.  Employers that are a part of the plan must be current on their taxes and be in good standing with the Department of Labor in New Hampshire.

Determine Your Maximum Benefit Amount

To calculate the Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA) you will receive on average, take your WBA and multiply it by 26. In the previous example, assuming you made $10,000 during your base period and qualify for the maximum Weekly Benefit Amount, your MBA would be $2,860.