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Work Search Requirements

New Hampshire Work Registration Program

In order to qualify for and continue receiving New Hampshire unemployment benefits, you must complete the state’s work search requirements. First, you’ll need to register for work with the NHWorks Job Match System (JMS). You are responsible for supplying and maintaining correct information. You are also responsible for checking the JMS each week.

In addition to registering for work, you are expected to make efforts each week to contact employers to find employment. There is no minimum number of employers you are expected to contact in New Hampshire. However, you are expected to contact as many employers as is prudent for a jobseeker.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Your local unemployment office may decide to establish a specific number of employers you should contact based on your skills, the job market, your experience, and how long you have been unemployed.

You are also required to keep a list of employers you have contacted and employment activities you have participated in. Employment activities include job fairs, networking events, and job interviews. You will need to report your weekly contacts and employment activities each week that you file a continued claim.

If you’re unable to find employment in your field, you are expected to search for employment in other fields of work.

What You Need for Work Registration

To register for New Hampshire’s Job Match System (JMS), you will need to visit their website and provide the following information:

  • Social Security Number
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Work history
  • Education information

Registering with JMS is required to qualify for unemployment compensation. It is your responsibility to visit JMS each week and use it actively as a resource in your job search.