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North Dakota Unemployment Stats and News

North Dakota Unemployment Stats  

Current and Historical North Dakota Stats Analysis  

As of September 2016, the unemployment rate in North Dakota is 3.0 percent, down from April when it was at 3.2 percent. North Dakota remains well below the national unemployment rate, which as of September stands at 5.0 percent.

National average hourly earnings is up +.06 cents, while North Dakota’s average is up 0.7 percent across all occupations in the state. Even during the 2008 economic recession, the state never rose above 4.3 percent unemployment. The outlook for 2017 remains strong for the workforce.

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Why Unemployment Stats Are Valuable  

You don’t need to be a statistician, or even fully understand what all the numbers and percentages mean, to use Employment and Labor Statistics to your advantage. The US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor and Statistics breaks down employment activity by industry, allowing you to see which occupational categories are producing the most employment opportunities. This is especially valuable information when you are seeking to reenter the workforce.

North Dakota Unemployment Stats Resources  

For more information and resources on labor statistics and news, visit the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor and Statistics North Dakota’s Economy at a Glance. There is plenty of information there for you to explore that may be valuable to helping you find the best suited employment in your area.

North Dakota Unemployment News  

North Dakota Unemployment in the News  

In a September newsletter from Job Service North Dakota, the state’s focus is to urge employers to consider hiring workers 18 to 24 years of age. The point is to look forward to an improved workforce through on-the-job training programs offered by the state labor department.

Iowa added the most construction jobs in the nation, while North Dakota added the least. The governor wants the new Access Pipeline to help build jobs, but the Standing Rock Sioux tribe of the state are against it. How the war against and for the pipeline will affect the workforce in North Dakota remains to be seen.

Food Services of America is one of the largest of its kind in the industry. Its presence in North Dakota has recently increased not only jobs, but also the people the company serves. Fargo reports Food Service of America associate growth by adding many new jobs, and expecting to add more before the end of 2016.