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Texas Unemployment Office

The Texas unemployment office, known as the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), is responsible for administering unemployment benefits and the tax program that funds Unemployment Insurance. This is completed through several local tax offices and five Tele-Centers.

TWC is a part of the statewide network, Texas Workforce Solutions, which includes the agency itself, 28 local workforce offices, and various community partners that work together to provide various services and functions. The different services outside of unemployment include providing child care to individuals receiving literacy services, education assistance for those with disabilities, gathering statistical information on specific industries or economics within the state, and enforcing state / federal laws surrounding discrimination in the workplace. The various community partners are a collaboration that includes community colleges, school districts, economic development groups, and other agencies within the state that have a vested interested in the economic success of Texas.

While the Unemployed Insurance (UI) benefits is funded by employers, the remainder of the TWC budget is funded through the federal government. This includes the resources required for the administrative cost of running Texas Unemployment Office. The Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) is awarded to states to help offset the financial burden of the operational expenses.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Texas Unemployment Office Contact Information

Depending on your needs, you may want to contact the following resources within the Texas Workforce Commission.

Appeal Tribunal

Texas Workforce Commission

101 E 1th St, Rm 410

Austin, TX 78778-0001

  • TWC Leadership
    • Commissioner Representing Labor
    • Commissioner Representing Employers
      • Phone: 800-832-9394
      • Email: employerinfo@twc.state.tx.us
  • Report Fraud
    • Phone: 800-252-3642
  • Services for People with Disabilities
    • TWC Vocation Rehabilitation Inquiries
      • Phone: 800-628-5115
      • Email: customers@twc.state.tx.us
  • Labor Market and Career Information
    • Labor Market Information Hotline
      • Phone: 866-938-4444
    • Industry Verification Reports
      • Phone: 800-827-2005
    • Career Information Hotline
  • Additional Program Contacts
    • Business Enterprises of Texas
      • Phone: 512-377-0559
    • Career Schools & Colleges
      • Phone: 512-936-3100
    • Employment and Housing Discrimination
      • Phone: 512-463-2642
    • Foreign Labor Certification
    • Payday, Child Labor and Texas Minimum Wage Law
    • Texas Veterans Leadership Program
      • Phone: 888-838-8391
    • Trade Affected Workers
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
      • Phone: 800-695-6879
    • Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act
      • Phone: 512-463-2245
  • TWC Ombudsman - Available for complaints regarding TWC services.

TWC Ombudsman, Texas Workforce Commission

101 E 15th St., Rm 665

Austin, TX 78778-0001