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Louisiana Unemployment Insurance

The Louisiana Workforce Commision (LWC) administers the state’s unemployment insurance (UI) program. Unemployment insurance benefits are meant to provide temporary financial support to workers who lose their jobs or have their work hours reduced. Claimants can use unemployment to pay their bills and meet other basic expenses until they can find suitable work. As of September 2016, 6.3 percent of Louisiana residents are unemployed. You could be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits to help you get by until you find suitable reemployment as long as you meet specific criteria.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Louisiana employers pay all the costs of unemployment insurance through a reimbursable program, or payroll tax. Employees are not required to contribute any part of their wages to the unemployment insurance trust. Qualified recipients receive weekly Louisiana unemployment insurance benefits through direct deposit or a pre-paid U.S. Bank debit card. To qualify for Louisiana unemployment benefits, you must meet specific eligibility criteria, and you must comply with all UI program requirements in order to remain eligible.

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