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Work Search Requirements

Louisiana Work Registration Program

To continue collecting your unemployment insurance benefit payments, you must meet weekly Louisiana work search requirements. The Louisiana unemployment insurance program requires you to make at least three different job searches each week. To meet work search requirements, you must:

  • Register with the Louisiana Workforce Center
  • Apply to at least three jobs per week
  • Accept a suitable job offer
  • Keep a log of your work search activities, recording the name of the employer, the date and time you applied, and the person you contacted

Unemployed? We want to help.

What You Need for Work Registration

The first step toward fulfilling unemployment work search requirements is to sign up for work registration through the Louisiana Workforce Center. You can sign up for an account online through HiRE, or visit a location near you. Through the LWC, you can submit a resume, browse job listings, get employer contact information, get access to training and workshops, and more. To create an account with LWC, you will need:

  • Your full name
  • Address
  • Birthdate  
  • Driver’s license or state ID number  
  • Social Security Number  
  • Alien Registration Number
  • Education level, and any special skills or training you possess.
  • You should also have your work history handy so you can build a good resume that can attract quality employers