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Nevada Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance in Nevada is managed by the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR), Employment Security Division (ESD). The organization operates on the federal and state level to assist individuals who need employment and workforce services, including unemployment insurance benefits. DETR services are particularly important for the state of Nevada, since it currently suffers from one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation (6.5 percent as of July 2016).

Unemployment insurance is intended to temporarily supplement income to workers who are separated from employment through no fault of their own. It is considered taxable income and must be claimed on yearly state and federal income tax returns.

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In Nevada, employers are required to pay unemployment insurance taxes. Workers have no deductions taken from their wages toward unemployment insurance.

Employers that paid wages in excess of $225 during a calendar year are required to pay unemployment insurance taxes. An employer is defined in Nevada as any individual or organization that pays other people to perform a service, including those under any hiring contract. This includes written, oral, and even implied contracts.

Employers starting a new business must pay an unemployment tax rate of 2.95 percent on all wages and another 0.05 percent tax for the Career Enhancement Program. Tax rates fluctuate from year to year for most employers, depending on the employer’s experience record with unemployment insurance. For more information on UI taxes in Nevada, click here.

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