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Nevada Unemployment Stats and News

Nevada Unemployment Stats andCurrent and Historical Nevada Stats Analysis

Nevada currently has an unemployment rate of about 6.5 percent, which makes it the second worst state in the nation. This rate is a significant decline from its peak of 13.7 percent in September 2010, but is an increase from its 2016 low of 5.8 percent in March.

This high rate of unemployment is typical for Nevada, perhaps due to the its heavy focus on the state’s tourism and gambling industries. These industries, though a potent source of income for the state, are often seasonal, making unemployment more common.

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As of November 2016, the unemployment rate in Nevada was reported at 5.2 percent; the lowest since 2007. See below for current information and news.

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If you are interested in learning about Nevada unemployment stats, the Nevada Workforce website has a variety of statistics, including information based on Nevada industries, typical wages, employment possibilities, and more. This information is vital for understanding the unemployment trends in the state.

Nevada Unemployment News

Nevada Unemployment in the News

Beyond the fact that Nevada's unemployment rate remains the second worst in the nation (only above Alaska) is the news that some con artists are using the personal information of Nevada employees to create false unemployment claims. This increase has been detected by Nevada's fraud detection unit and has been carefully monitored to track who is performing these instances of identity theft. The exact number of imposter claims has not been released, but the increase has been noticeable at many levels of the state government.

The DETR is responsible for creating, analyzing, and reporting Nevada’s labor market information, in cooperation with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In August 2016, Nevada reached the employment levels recorded prior to the 2008 recession. In September and October of 2016, job readings stayed in a marginally narrow range. November 2016 showed employment in the Silver State attaining a new all-time-high in excess of 1.3 million jobs.

According to the director of Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, Bill Anderson, “All things considered, the pace of the recovery is perhaps best described as moderate but sustainable; arguably a better scenario than the unprecedented conditions which preceded the economic downturn,” Anderson said. “Employment is at an all-time high, registering above 1.3 million, with an additional 34,700 jobs over November of last year. This marks the 71st consecutive month of growth. Additionally, employment in small businesses has also reached a new record, surpassing 600,000.”