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Ohio Unemployment Stats and News

Ohio Unemployment Stats  

Current and Historical Ohio Stats Analysis  

As of September 2016, the unemployment rate was listed at 4.8 percent, which is slightly lower the national unemployment rate of 5 percent. This is a steady decline from the unemployment rate during the 2008 economic recession where Ohio’s unemployment soared to over 10 percent.

From July to August 2016, goods-producing job sectors increased by 2,600, but service providing jobs decreased by 7,600. Still, the employment rate is dropping in most metro areas across the state.

From August 2015 to August 2016, the overall nonagricultural wage and salary employment increased by 78,300. Professional business and services showed no change over the year. Unfortunately, Ohio lost 3,100 jobs in September 2016.

Why Unemployment Stats Are Valuable

Knowing unemployment statistics is a significant way to gain insight into the state of the economy. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics releases monthly unemployment reports. The number of individuals on unemployment insurance are not what makes up the unemployment rate percentage; it is produced by monthly Current Population Surveys (CPS) from about 60,000 households. This is representative of the general population of the US, and is incredibly accurate in helping you understand job stats and active industries.

Ohio Unemployment Stats Resources     

To access thousands of listings and job stats, visit http://ohiomeansjobs.com. You can also access national and local data on the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics website. You can subscribe to employment announcements and newsletters by emailing Dolores.Cambambia@jfs.ohio.gov, and asking to be added to the mailing list.


Ohio Unemployment News  

Ohio University is looking to its Innovation Center to help startups grow in throughout the state. The center is trying to help replace job losses in mining, power plants, and manufacturing over the last decade. The Innovation Center will supply entrepreneurial services across 28 counties in Ohio.

Experts predict that the unemployment rate will continue to rise across the state because, although some job sectors are growing, many sectors are losing jobs faster that others can grow. This leads experts to believe the last calendar quarter of 2016 could be hard on the state of Ohio and its workforce.


However, although Ohio’s economy seems challenged, that does not mean the state cannot climb out of its mini spiral. Local job fairs and other industry growth shows opportunities for the workforce in the coming year. The upcoming new budget proposal from Gov. John Kasich promises to revive job growth across the entire state in 2017.

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