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Oklahoma’s Unemployment Office

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) was established in 1941 to oversee employment-related offices and services throughout the state. The job services you use through Oklahoma Works, OK Job Match, or Workplace Oklahoma Centers are funded and run by the OESC. The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission’s goal is to provide employment security and promote the economic well-being of Oklahoma residents and businesses.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Oklahoma Unemployment Office Contact Information

File for unemployment online:


Oklahoma Unemployment Office Contact Information:

Interactive Voice Response system

Inside the Oklahoma City calling area – 405-525-1500

Outside the Oklahoma City calling area – 800-555-1554

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Calls (TTY/TTD) – 866-284-6695

Oklahoma Employment Security Commission:

OESC UI Support

PO Box 52006

Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2005

FAX: 405-962-7524

For Questions About Payment Methods and Missing Payments:

1-866-320-8699 (Inside the United States)

1-210-334-6616 (Collect calls, outside of the United States only)