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Vermont’s Unemployment Office

The Vermont Department of Labor unemployment office is located in Montpelier. Here, you can file for unemployment online, learn how to file for unemployment from specialists, and talk to experts who can help you get through your claim. Its location in the capital city of Vermont makes it a busy and sometimes difficult place to visit.

That's why you should call this Vermont unemployment office ahead of time using the contact information below. Make sure that you call the correct division of the office to make your call go more smoothly. Set an appointment between the service hours and make sure to attend on time, as your appointment will be canceled if you are late.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Vermont Unemployment Office Contact Information

Vermont Department of Labor

5 Green Mountain Drive

PO Box 488

Montpelier, VT 05601-0488

Phone: 802-828-4000

Fax: 802-828-4022

To Establish or Re-open a Claim

Phone: 877-214-3330

Unemployment Employer Services

Phone: 802-828-4344

Fax: 802-828-4248

Unemployment Program Integrity

Phone: 802-828-4333

Fax: 802-828-4046

Resource Centers

Phone: 802-828-4151