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Work Search Requirements

Vermont Work Registration Program

Vermont's unemployment work search requirements requires work registration with Vermont Joblink. This website allows you to upload a personal resume, search for work, and meet your three work contact per week work search requirements.

It is necessary to create a personal profile on this site and use it to find suitable work in your trade. You must apply for and acceptable suitable work, and failure to accept suitable work when it is offered to you results in denied benefits.

Early in your benefit periods, you must accept suitable work that pays 10 percent less than what you were making. After five weeks, that increases to 20 percent less. Note that this is applicable only to full-time work of 35 hours or more and not to part-time work.

Unemployed? We want to help.

When reporting work contacts, you must include the name of the company, the person you contacted, the date you contacted, information on how to get in touch with the company, and the result of the contact.

What You Need for Work Registration

  • All personal contact information
  • History of employment that is applicable to your career field
  • Educational history (including any secondary education)
  • Licenses obtained (including special training)
  • Contact information for personal references