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Vermont Unemployment Statistics & News

Vermont Unemployment Stats

Current and Historical Vermont Stats Analysis

Vermont unemployment stats are currently at a steady level. The most recently unemployment rate is 3.3 percent, which is 1.6 percent lower than the current national average. In May 2009, the unemployment rate peaked at 7.0 percent and reached its lowest since then in May of 2016 at 3.1 percent.

Why have Vermont's unemployment stats increased slightly since May? There are a few possible reasons. The first is a decrease in the tourist trade. In the summer, Vermont relies very heavily on travelers visiting the state. Many of these travelers will leave in August, making seasonal layoffs necessary.

Another likely explanation is students returning to school. Whether in high school or college, many students simply quit their job during the school year to focus on their studies. Whatever the reason, Vermont's unemployment rate remains steady.

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Vermont Unemployment News

Vermont Unemployment in the News

Recently, the Vermont Department of Labor held the 4th Annual Southern Vermont Career Expo. Held on October 20th, this event took place in the Brooks House Atrium and at the Robert H. Gibson River Garden. It included a variety of events, such as creative workshops, training, and resume services.

The Department of Labor also held a “Job Readiness Workshop” in the Springfield Career Resource Center earlier in the year. This workshop helped educate the unemployed and other potential workers in the state on how to fill out resumes, how to behave during interviews, and the type of training they'd need to get a great job.

Vermont unemployment news is filled with these types of events, showcasing a state that is trying to solve its unemployment problem in an active way. Hopefully, events like this can help propel the state to higher achievements.

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