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Unemployment Application and Initial Claim

File Your Unemployment Application and Initial Claim Process

You can file a claim for Minnesota unemployment benefits online or by phone. Be sure to have all of the necessary information handy before beginning your application. Once you begin the application, you must complete it in full until you receive confirmation that your claim has been submitted. Your claim has not been filed until you receive confirmation.

The online application is available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., CT, Monday through Friday, and is not available on these holidays. To apply online:

  1. Go to http://www.uimn.org/uimn/ and click on “Applicants”. For an application in Spanish, Hmong or Somali, click the appropriate language button at the bottom of the Applicant's box.
  2. Under “I Need To”, click on “Apply for Benefits”.
  3. Enter your Social Security Number under “New Applicant” on the Login page, then click “Start”.
  4. For answers to common questions or more information about a specific topic, click the relevant link. To file the application, click “Start the Unemployment Benefit Application”.
  5. Fill out the requested information completely and accurately on each page.
  6. Follow the prompt given at the end of the application to review your information and make any changes.
  7. Click on “Submit the Unemployment Benefit Application”.
  8. Save or print the confirmation that displays when you have successfully submitted your application. If you do not see a confirmation page, your application has not been submitted.

The automated phone application is available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., CT, Monday through Friday and is closed on these holidays. To apply by phone:

  1. Call one of these numbers:
  • Twin Cities area: 651-296-3644
  • Greater Minnesota: 1- 877-898-9090
  • Hearing Impaired (TTY):  1-866-814-1252
  1. Choose your language - English, Spanish, Hmong, or Somali. You can also press “1” to request an interpreter for a different language.
  1. Enter your Social Security Number. If your Social Security Number is not recognized, choose one of the following options:
  • Apply for Benefits
  • Frequently Requested Information
  1. Follow the prompts
  1. Finally, wait for a customer service agent to help you submit your application

Documents and Information Needed During Filing

You can use the Applicant Self-Service System to file for unemployment online or by phone in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Somali. You will need the following documents and information to apply:

  • Driver’s license or state ID number
  • Social Security Number
  • Contact information (address and phone number)
  • Employment history for the past 18 months, including dates, names, contact info, earnings and the reason(s) you no longer work for the employer(s)
  • SF-8 and SF-50 if you worked for the federal government during the past 18 months
  • Work authorization documentation if you are not a U.S. citizen
  • Union name and local number of your hiring hall if you belong to a union
  • DD-214 Member 4 if you served in the military in the past 18 months (not mandatory)
  • Bank account and routing numbers if you want to receive benefits through direct deposit (You can also choose this option at a later time)

Unemployed? We want to help.

How to Claim Weekly Benefits

File a weekly claim to continue receiving unemployment benefits. Filing weekly claims is easy to do online or by telephone. Your account is created when you file an unemployment application, so all you need to do weekly is log in to your account online or call the automated phone system and enter your Social Security Number and password, and choose “Request Benefit Payment”.

If you use the phone, you must call on an assigned time and day, which is determined by the last digit in your Social Security Number. View the table here. Anyone can call between 6 a.m. and 6p.m., CT, Thursday or Friday.

You must file a claim every week to be eligible, even if your benefits are pending or in appeal.

Claim Denials or Discrepancies

Appeals Process for Denied Claims

To appeal a denied claim, you will participate in a telephone interview conducted by a judge appointed by the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program. The judge will take sworn testimony to determine all the facts applicable to the case and determine which information will go on record as evidence.

Although this type of hearing does not require an attorney, you may opt to have a representative of your choice. Witnesses who have firsthand knowledge that may help your case can testify during the hearing. You should fax or mail copies of any supporting documents well before the hearing. You can file an appeal online, by fax, or through postal mail. You can subpoena witnesses or documents by requesting a subpoena from a judge as soon as you receive your claim denial.

Apply online by logging into your account. On the Home page, click on the link, “View and Maintain My Account”. Select “Determination and Summary” and under “Determination of Eligibility and Decisions”, click on the Issue Identification Number of the determination you want to appeal, then select “File”. Follow the instructions to file your appeal.

To file an appeal by Fax or mail, you must include the following information in writing:

  • Your name
  • The reason for the appeal
  • Issue Identification Number
  • Social Security Number

Office of Appeals Contact Information

Send your appeal containing all required information listed above to the following:

Fax: 651-205-4007

Mail: P.O. Box 4629, St. Paul, MN 55101-4629

For questions about an appeal, call 651-296-3745 ( you cannot file an appeal over the phone)