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Unemployment Compensation

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Max Benefit Amount


Once you qualify for unemployment compensation, you will receive weekly checks in the amount of your Weekly Benefit Amount. The amount of compensation you receive will not exceed a maximum total benefit amount determined by your prior wages earned during your base period. You can estimate what your benefit payments may look like, but the best way to be sure is to actually apply to the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program.

Unemployed? We want to help.

Calculating Minnesota Unemployment Benefit Amounts  

Determine Your Weekly Benefit Amount

In Minnesota, your Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) will usually be one half of your weekly paycheck at the time of discharge, with a benefit minimum of $25 and up to a maximum of $658. To calculate your potential weekly benefit, add your wages from the quarter of your base period when you earned the most income. Divide the total by 26 to get your approximate WBA.   

Determine Your Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA)

To determine the Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA) you can receive, first determine your base period and add up all the income in your base period. Find the quarter where you earned the most income to determine your highest quarter. Your earnings from this quarter must be at least $858, and your total base period wages must be at least one and a half times higher. Your MBA will be either 26 times your WBA or one-third of your base period wages, whichever is smaller.