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The 20 Most Fun Jobs in the US

Working doesn’t have to be a chore--in fact, many Americans have jobs that are a lot of fun. Doing something you love every day is a great way to boost your happiness and get more out of life. If your daily grind is getting you down, one of these fun-filled careers might be for you.

Zoo Veterinarian

Zoo veterinarians have some of the most exciting jobs in the world and deal with new and unusual situations every day. These animal care experts spend their time working with exotic animals both large and small, from powerful gorillas and big cats to venomous snakes and birds of prey.

Salary Range: $75,000 - $130,000


Considered to be one of the coolest jobs around, being a pilot is serious business. With rigorous training programs that last for years, becoming a pilot is not the easiest career path. However, getting to fly a plane or helicopter at the end of it is a pretty good incentive!

Salary Range: $70,000 - $150,000

Theme Park Ride Tester

Amazingly, this is a real job. Theme parks need someone to test their most extreme rides and waterslides, so if you have no fear of heights and don’t mind a little g-force, this could be the career for you. Attraction testers often travel all over the country trying out new rides.

Salary Range: $20,000 - $50,000

Professional Party Host

Next on the “things you won’t believe are jobs” list is the professional party host. They’re paid to make sure that lavish events go off with a bang, and are experts at organizing and hosting the perfect soiree. If you love the nightlife and know how to throw a exciting party, this could be the job for you.

Salary Range: $28,000 - $75,000

Vintage Car Shopper

If flying all over the country checking out vintage cars for buyers with more money than sense sounds like your dream job, you might want to look into becoming a vintage car shopper. These lucky people get to drive some of the most amazing cars in the world as well as travel to interesting and unusual places.

Average Salary: $97,000


If you love drawing, design, and want to see your own creations come to life, a career in animation could be a good choice. Animators have a chance to create media that will be appreciated by people all over the world, and they get to have a lot of fun while they’re making it.

Average Salary: $61,370

Dance Instructor

Becoming a dance instructor means you get to spend your days teaching people one of life’s most enjoyable pastimes, and you’ll never have to worry about your physical fitness! If you’ve got a bit of rhythm and spending your day dancing sounds like fun, this might be the job for you.

Salary Range: $20,000 - $55,000

Dog Walker

Dogs are pretty cheerful creatures, and people who walk them for a living tend to enjoy themselves. Downsides include being out in all kinds of weather conditions and getting covered in fur, but your animal clients will more than make up for it!

Salary: Depends on the number of clients and pricing for your services

Games Community Manager

Community Managers connect gamers with the studios that make their favorite games. They update social media, run player events, and attend conventions. They generally spend their days making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. This job requires a healthy dose of patience, but for people who love video games and enjoy managing communities, it’s a job that never feels too much like work.

Salary Range: $30,000 -$70,000

Toy Designer

For people with imagination and a flair for design, being a toy designer can be a lot of fun. They get to help create toys for kids large and small, and work in highly creative environments. Successful toy designers may also earn royalties on their creations.

Salary Range: $36,000 - $85,000

Professional Gamer

Since the rise of YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox, gifted gamers now have a new career outlet. If you know everything there is to know about the world of video games and you can engage an audience, you can earn good money streaming gameplay online. Some professional gamers compete in e-sport tournaments for serious prize money.

Salary Range: Varies widely depending on popularity and success.

Food Critic

If eating well and terrifying waitstaff appeals to your nature, becoming a food critic might be for you. Popular food critics share their insights in blogs, magazines and on TV, and tend to get good seat at any restaurant. You’ll need a discerning palate for this unusual career!

Salary Range: $20,000 - $75,000


Most writers are pretty happy people, whether they’re updating blogs, writing stories, or working in the media. There are many different areas in which you can apply your trade, but you’ll need a bit of talent and a lot of discipline. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make it as a writer, it’s never too late to get started!

Average Salary: $55,940

Voice-Over Artist

Voice-over artists work on all sorts of projects from advertisements to movies. Almost anyone can get into voice acting, and if you’re good at it, you may end up having your work enjoyed by millions of people. Being able to speak in a variety of accents is a definite advantage.

Salary Range: $20,000 - $100,000

Kindergarten Teacher

Being a teacher is hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun. If you love kids and want to help shape the future minds of America, being a kindergarten teacher will bring you a lot of joy. Perks include nap time, finger painting, and the keys to the art closet.

Average Salary: $53,090

Wedding Planner

Planning the perfect wedding is no easy task, but it can be a lot of fun. If you’re a creative person who has excellent taste and knows how to throw a good party, becoming a wedding planner might be for you. You’ll get to see people on one of the happiest days of their life and there will always be cake.

Salary Range: $20,000 - $90,000


Being an artist means that you get to spend your days throwing your creativity into your latest work of art or contributing to projects that are enjoyed by hundreds or even millions of people. Artists can work alone or within a wide variety of different industries, many of them creating works of art that will live on long after they’re gone.

Salary: Varies widely depending on specific occupation

Personal Shopper

If you love to shop and have a keen eye for fashion, working as a personal shopper can be very satisfying. You’ll need to be a people person with excellent taste to make it as a personal shopper, but you’ll get to spend your days doing something you really enjoy.

Salary Range: $18,000 - $80,000

Demolition Expert

If blowing things up is your idea of fun, being a demolition expert could be the career for you. You’ll get to destroy buildings using explosives and a variety of tools, but you’ll need to not be afraid of heights.

Average Salary: $66,000


If you’re looking for a fun, fast paced job, being a NASCAR driver might be right up your alley. Successful drivers also take part in promotional events and give interviews.

Salary Range: $500,000 - $10 million

As the old adage says, “if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.” Finding a career that really fulfills you is the best way to enjoy work. Whatever it is you’re into, make sure you find a job that you can have fun with!


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