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Wells Fargo Jobs and Careers

General Business Activities

As the fourth largest banking and financial services company in the US, Wells Fargo offers a wide range of careers in the financial industry. Based in San Francisco, they provide banking, mortgage, investment and financial services throughout the US, with over 9,000 stores nationwide. Their decentralized structure means that every one of their stores functions as a local headquarters for all their customer’s financial needs.

Wells Fargo employs around 280,000 people, and can boast a customer in one out of every three American households.

Wells Fargo has voiced their commitment to environmental responsibility in all areas of business, supporting environmentally friendly business opportunities and providing a wide range of commercial real estate solutions.

Awards and Recognition

Wells Fargo ranked second in market value in the world and first in the US as of June 2013. They were the first bank to be named Bank of the Year in 2012, and other accolades include being named the Most Generous Cash Donor by The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2013. They have also been declared the largest bank by market capitalization in the world by the Wall Street Journal.

Vision and Values

Wells Fargo’s vision is to satisfy all their customer’s financial needs and help them succeed financially, and they aim to achieve this through offering a full range of financial services. By building lifelong relationships with their customers they offer financial security, advice and ease of use, helping each customer find financial success.

Wells Fargo has five primary values:

  • People as a competitive advantage
  • Ethics
  • What’s right for customers
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership

Career Development

Wells Fargo offers an environment of ongoing career development and personal growth, with leaders who aim to support their staff and help them reach their full potential. They offer diverse career paths, encourage ongoing education with tuition reimbursement for careers related courses, offer a wide range of online career development resources, and encourage their staff to set and meet personal career goals.


Wells Fargo offers a comprehensive benefits package. This package includes dental, medical, and vision plans, 401K plans, paid leave, discounts on company products and more.


Retail Employees

Wells Fargo offers a wide range of retail roles, including personal and phone bankers, store tellers and mortgage consultants. Many of the company’s upper-level employees started off in one of these roles. Leaders are committed to offering ongoing development and career progression.

  • Phone Bankers - interact with customers by phone, offering solutions to their financial needs and promoting suitable Wells Fargo products and services. They can expect to earn $21K-$43K anually.
  • Personal Bankers - build relationships with customers to meet their financial needs, providing expert advice and helping customers to get the best possible value from their banking relationship. They have a clear cut set of goals to achieve and exceed, and receive performanced based recognition for their work. Personal bankers salaries range from $30K-$44K annually.
  • Tellers - greet customers and process their transactions, make financial services more convenient for each customer, and recommend different products to meet their needs. Tellers at Wells Fargo can expect to earn $19K-$29K anually.
  • Mortgage Consultants - build long lasting relationships with customers as they manage their mortgages, recommending products, services and solutions to their customers. Salaries range from $25K-$45K annually.

Corporate Employees

  • Project Managers - lead cross-departmental projects, helping to plan, manage and deliver a wide range of initiatives across the banking network. Annual salaries range from $58K-$180K, depending on seniority.
  • Security Analysts - protect customer data from cyber threats and develop and implement security features for millions of customers. Annual salaries range from $31K-$65K.
  • Systems Engineers - develop tools and applications to automate Wells Fargo’s many processes and workflows, overseeing maintenance of system architecture, creating new features to existing applications, and performing analysis. Systems Engineers can expect to earn between $60K-$156K annually.


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