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Pizza Hut Jobs and Careers

General Business Activities

Pizza Hut is the world’s largest pizza company, with more than 13,000 restaurants in 86 countries. From humble origins in Wichita, Kansas, Pizza Hut has grown into one of the world’s most iconic fast food brands. Originally founded in 1958, Pizza Hut started carryout services in 1998, and later was the first pizza restaurant to offer online purchases. In 2014, Pizza Hut rebranded and announced an extensive new menu.

Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Fortune 500 company Yum! Brands, which manages the corporate side of the restaurant company.

Awards and Recognition

Pizza Hut won the PR News Marketing Excellence and the Loyalty & Engagement Award in 2013, among several others. Parent company Yum! Brands organized a World Hunger Relief effort that was named winner of the 2015 Cause Branding Campaign, also receiving the Nonprofit Partnership of the Year award from PR News.

Vision and Values

Pizza Hut’s mission is to bring more flavor to life. They aim to be an ideal employer, helping their team members to grow and providing fun careers. They strive to bring passion into everything they do, focus on accountability, and put their customers satisfaction and the safety of their team members first.

Pizza Hut has always strived to be the best pizza chain in the world, and is well known for advertising gimmicks such as being the first company to send a pizza into outer space. They were also the first company in history to put an advertisement on the side of a rocket.

Career Development

Pizza Hut’s parent company Yum! Brands offers a wide range of career development options, giving employees the tools to learn, develop, and grow within their careers. Each member of the Yum! staff has a personal development plan to help them reach their full potential. Yum! runs a leadership development program with virtual classrooms and developmental tools, teaching key skills and attributes.

Yum! Brands also have a mentoring program to help employees grow professionally, and Yum! University offers an award winning learning and development curriculum.


Through its parent company, Yum!, Pizza Hut provides its full time employees with a wide range of benefits. Employee healthcare benefits include health, vision and hearing coverage, life, accident and disability insurance. Financial benefits include 401K plans, paid vacation, flexible working, and bonus incentive programs, as well as various legal services. Employees can also benefit from on-site fitness centers, dedicated personal trainers and company sponsored sports as part of Yum! Brands commitment to their staff’s health and wellbeing.


Retail Employees

  • Cooks - prepare a range of different pizzas and other menu choices to order at Pizza Hut’s many restaurant locations. They can expect to earn around $8 per hour.
  • Delivery Drivers - take customer orders to their homes and collect payment of cash orders, making sure that each customer’s meal arrives on time. Hourly pay is in the region of $7-$8, plus tips.
  • Servers - provide excellent customer service in Pizza Hut restaurants, taking customer orders, serving food and generally ensuring that all Pizza Hut guests receive outstanding food and service. Hourly pay start at $5 per hour, plus tips.

Corporate Employees

Corporate positions at Pizza Hut are managed by Yum! Brands.

  • Applications Developers - design and create applications and technology solutions to meet the needs of Pizza Hut and other Yum! brands.
  • Business Analysts - gather and analyze data relating to Pizza Hut and other Yum! brands, advising on marketing, purchasing and menu options.
  • Restaurant General Managers - oversee the day to day running and long term management of a Pizza Hut restaurant, managing staff, and upholding Pizza Hut’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


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